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[info]production [22 Feb 2026|06:02am]
1240 XX

[07 Mar 2017|07:16am]
Still here! Please find me at for your free French wine!
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Hugs and kisses, secret santa. [25 Dec 2000|11:57pm]

drop off post.

MY HOBBIES INCLUDE: reading, watching films, cooking, traveling
I LIKE TO LISTEN TO: everything!
I LIKE TO WATCH/READ: women-driven films, biographies and memoirs
CHARITIES I SUPPORT ARE: To Write Love On Her Arms, We Do It Together, Planned Parenthood, Got Your 6
MY FAVORITE DRINKS/SNACKS ARE: sangria!!, any sorts of fruit lemonades, veggie chips, dried mangoes
MY FAVORITE COLORS ARE: green, yellow, red
I DO NOT WANT OR NEED: material possessions, honestly!
ONE THING MY SECRET SANTA SHOULD KNOW: the best gifts are love and hugs and kisses and helping others in need!

130 XX

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